During an unprecedented Texas storm in February 2021, we provided rapid response emergency support for a utility that enabled the utility to avoid loss of power generation capabilities during a critical time. Utilities throughout Texas faced massive challenges during the colossal ice storm in February 2021. Frozen pipes, malfunctioning equipment, and a lack of adequately trained personnel contributed to a perfect storm of control system issues during this critical time. 

How We Did It

In an industry requiring reliability and uptime during disaster situations, we sent engineers at a moment’s notice to provide rapid response emergency support to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. we worked closely with the utility around the clock for several weeks, ensuring that the plant’s control system did not get in the way of critical process operations. Our engineers completed modifications, maintenance, and tuning operations for a control system in need of immediate support. We used Honeywell Experion C300, TDC, ControlEdge UOC, PLC, RTU, HC900. We also used Emerson Ovation, DeltaV. Lastly, we used aRockwell ControlLogix.  


Our client received immediate support and now has maximum uptime and can avoid risk of downtime. 

IDS is committed to provide the best and fastest support response in the industry. Some companies make you wait months to get an engineer on-site; we can typically provide support in a matter of hours. Our team is skilled at maintaining a variety of control system platforms, and can solve challenges as diverse as hardware components failures to IT infrastructure configuration problems. We can provide experienced engineers at a moment’s notice to support and maintain your control system. When your plant is needing emergency support, facing a critical deadline, and needing critical tuning or optimizing services, give our IDS engineers a call and let us help you with our rapid response technical support services. We are a systems integrator that can typically be on-site in a rapid response situation within 24 hours anywhere in the world.