Committed to finding effective ways to maximize control system and engineer productivity, IDS has developed several software tools for process control.

Template Library

Our enhanced SAMA template library for Honeywell’s Control Builder platform is now available. These templates enable you to generate SAMA-style drawings, right from within Control Builder. Compatible with Honeywell’s Experion from R300 on up to the latest R410 release.

IDS Ladder

View multiple lines of ladder logic on the screen at once with this Honeywell LM platform ladder logic viewer. If you are looking for a convenient way to view, search, and print ladder logic, this tool is for you.

File Editor

Power tools for searching, viewing, comparing, and editing points created for Honeywell TDC3000® systems. Includes import and export functionality for converting between Microsoft Access® databases and EB files.


Quickly build analog and digital OPC-based simulations using the IDS OPC Simulator. Designed to enable engineers to rapidly build medium fidelity simulations that speed the logic testing and verification process. Integrates easily with control systems using OPC data transfer technology.