In 2016, a large chemical manufacturer selected us to upgrade their plant’s existing HPM equipment with Honeywell Experion C300 controllers. They were facing challenges with their aging control system, so deciding it was time to upgrade was wise. 

How We Did It

While designed logic, graphics, and completed the controls integration, Honeywell provided hardware for the upgrade. The plant was able to take advantage of Honeywell’s C300 to PMIO capability for some I/O, while incompatible I/O was replaced with Series-C I/O. The analog controls and all supervisory and data-acquisition and historian interface functions were moved to the new Experion platform and C300 controllers. IDS converted over 250 CL programs to powerful sequence (SCM) and recipe (RCM) modules. In summary, the chemical company modernized HPM equipment using Honeywell Experion PKS with Plant-Wide I/O Replacement Project. We also used sequential batch controls with SCMs and RCMs as another platform. 


The chemical manufacturer now has custom process control logic using SCMs and RCMs,
and ASM-compliant graphics using Honeywell’s Experion PKS control system platform. They have a live system logic documentation in the form of SAMA-style control modules, built directly into the Control Builder environment. They now have custom logic development and documentation tools, including PDF logic printing. 

Their benefits include a modern control system interface, improved operator response time with ASM-compliant graphics, re-use of existing PMIO, and increased profitability. This resulted in extended life of control system and improved reliability, vastly improved troubleshooting environment, reduced mistakes with Experion control system, and updated batch controls using SCMs and RCMs. 

Modernizing your plant’s control system will extend its life, ease troubleshooting, reduce mistakes, and improve reliability. If you need a IO replacement, please contact us today.