IDS Ladder Viewer is a powerful tool designed to enhance searching, viewing, and printing of ladder logic programs written for the Honeywell® Logic Manager® (LM) platform. This program provides a read-only view of LM data files, and aims to increase engineer productivity while working with ladder data.

IDS Ladder Viewer Features

Shows multiple ladder rungs on the screen at a time. Viewing multiple rungs makes it easier to understand ladder logic, reducing engineer and developer effort.

Searches easily through all ladder information. Users can perform fast searches through thousands of rungs of data, highlighting matching lines and addresses.

Organizes ladder information in a familiar interface. Groups addresses, skip blocks, line comments, and function blocks in a easy to use navigation panel.

Prints ladder rungs to a Windows printer. Graphical documentation can be printed to an XPS or PDF printer for documentation.

Ladder Viewer Example

Free Download Available:

The IDS Ladder Viewer is now available. Please contact us for additional information.