A large electric utility needed assistance in providing hardware refresh services to their obsolete Experion control system to the latest Honeywell Experion hardware and software solution. They contracted us, a control system integrator, for an Experion LCN connected system. Our goal was to provide hardware and software that met the utility firm’s NERC-CIP requirements and cyber security issues. 

How We Did It

IDS worked with the utility to identify hardware that needed to be upgraded to utilize the latest Experion and Microsoft software. Part of our solution included upgrading Experion Stations, Experion Servers, Domain Controllers, Historian, Experion Backup and Restore servers and Switches. IDS provided the services to upgrade the Experion system to the latest hardware and software. Throughout the project, the firm had a close-knit customer and IDS team that ensured a clean control system migration that met customer needs. The project took around three months. 


The electric utility firm now has Experion hardware and software at the latest release levels to relieve and avoid obsolescence issues. We ensured compliance with NERC-CIP regulations which reduced risk of audits failures. The client now has better reliability and availability of the control system components. 

We also extended equipment life to reduce risk of unplanned outages and improved reliability. The newer software reduced troubleshooting and maintenance costs. The solution platforms we used were Honeywell Experion PKS control system with TPS connected LCN and up-to-date Windows-based DCS with server and workstation hardware. 

IDS works closely with our clients to provide major control system upgrades within plant scheduled and budget constraints. We ensure our customers are 100% satisfied 100% of the time. If you’re in need of a hardware update, please contact us today and let’s get started.