Consulting Solutions

Generating facilities around the world depend on our expert consultants and their highly specialized engineering services.

Our consultants perform DCS engineering studies, write DCS upgrade specifications, providing process control evaluations, and develop a full spectrum of training programs.

DCS Engineering

We document the system, identify deficiencies that need attention, and develop a plan for the future. 

DCS Upgrade

Leveraging our resources, we will provide a detailed comprehensive DCS Upgrade Specification.


IDS examines your process/plant to recommend cost-effective solutions to save money on new projects.

DCS Engineering Studies

IDS has been involved with developing several engineering studies for Utilities to document the existing system, identify deficiencies that need attention, and develop a plan for the future.  At IDS we have a wide background in control system design, hardware engineering, procurement, and installation design enabling us to execute projects from project conception through completion.  We leverage all of our resources including 3rd party specialists to provide the best overall approach to DCS upgrade projects with regard to current technology, NERC/CIP security, flexibility, maintainability, budget and schedule requirements.

Our approach to a DCS Engineering Study is to perform field studies where we analyze existing equipment and documentation, develop an I/O count by subsystem and area, prepare a preliminary installation plan, and map out the existing system architecture. Additionally, we interview key plant personnel so that we understand the technical, operational and performance issues that are currently affecting the operation of the plant.

Our engineering study will help in developing upgrade and migration strategies, including a detailed risk and cost analysis, hardware and software requirements, assessment of support systems, schedule constraints, for each approach. As part of our deliverables for the engineering study our customers will receive at minimum the following in a detailed report.

Provide an upgrade schedule integrating with the plants planned outage schedule.

Provide a Cash Flow analysis for the DCS upgrade for use in project approvals.

Provide a System I/O summary by subsystem and by plant area.

Provide a product life cycle report for the existing equipment and new equipment which will allow proper decisions for control system upgrade approvals.

Evaluate various control strategies and provide a recommended solution.


DCS Upgrade

IDS has been involved in developing several DCS upgrade specifications. Leveraging our resources, we will provide a detailed comprehensive DCS Upgrade Specification.

Our approach utilizes the knowledge and information obtained during the DCS Engineering Study phase. The goal is to provide the customer with a document that will allow them to pursue the best possible solution for a control system upgrade, both technological and financial.

Control System Requirements Including:

  • System Architecture
  • Alarming and Historization
  • Operator Interface including HMI symbols, style and color
  • Boiler Control System (BCS) Burner Management Systems (BMS), Motor Control Systems (MCS), Data Acquisition Systems (DAS), Balance of Plant Systems (BOP) Turbine Control Systems (TCS) and other Standalone Systems.
  • Network Architecture
  • NERC/CIP requirements

Documentation Deliverables Including

  • SAMA and Logic Drawings
  • Functional Descriptions
  • Wiring and Termination drawings
  • Existing plant documentation updates
  • System Architecture drawing
  • Database
  • Hardware Specification

Installation Design and Construction

  • Hardware Layouts
  • Termination and wiring drawings
  • Outage Plan
  • Construction Scope of Work document
  • Schedules
  • Construction Management

Our DCS Specification outlines project requirements including:

An Overall Project Description

Performance Guarantees (Ramp rates, Temperature Control, etc.)

Pricing Agreements

Startup and Commissioning Requirements

Project Management Requirements Including Reporting, Meeting and Documentation Requirements

Warranty and Support Requirements

Training Requirements

Testing requirements including Factory Testing, Site Acceptance Testing, and Performance Testing

Electrical and Wiring Design Including Marshaling Requirements

Process Control

We can examine your process/plant and recommend cost-effective modern advanced control solutions to save you money on new process control-related projects, improve process stabilization and help move your process in the direction of increased profits.


Our industry leading experts have the knowledge and dedication to provide a comprehensive training curriculum that fits your needs. We can simulate your process on our in-house lab system and use your HMI graphical interface to provide the most robust training program tailored to your needs.

Factory Training:

Students attend class in our fully equipped training facility for a customized hands-on training approach. Our factory courses are developed to facilitate a smaller classroom setting which provides more one-on-one time with our instructors in a controlled environment.

On-Site Training:

We provide customized on-site training courses as a cost effective alternative to sending employees off-site. On-site training can range from a formal classroom setting to a complete hands-on program. Many times customers have simulators available as a training platform or we can provide the necessary equipment to create one.