In 2017, a large chemical manufacturer that ran auxiliary boilers had a problem: their forced-draft (FD) fans needed to improve their efficiency and, at the same time, reduce their energy use. This isn’t an easy task. In order to make this happen, the auxiliary boiler’s control algorithms needed to be modified so it could handle the new VFDs. This chemical plant required an engineering firm who had large-scale boiler control expertise to make this happen. So, they chose us. 

As a control system integration firm, we were able to update the auxiliary boiler’s Honeywell HC900 controllers in conjunction with a combustion efficiency improvement project. 

How We Did It

In order to make the Honeywell HC900 logic, third-party controller, operator graphic, and process tuning changes for this project, we brought multiple systems from different vendors together to form a cohesive process control solution. One of our solution platforms was Allen-Bradley PLC controls for the BMS system. Our modifications to the plant involved adding dynamic controls to the flue gas recirculation paths. We ensured the process integrity and safety with highly coupled interface between the combustion controls and burner management controls. 


The chemical plant now has clean, easy to understand process control logic. Troubleshooting costs have been reduced. Our expert integration services have improved start up times, and our professional tuning services have improved plant performance and efficiency. 

We work closely with our customers to make make large and small scale process control changes, improving plant performance and reducing operating costs.