In 2015, a large power generating company needed a training simulator to provide a realistic training experience for the plant’s operations staff. This energy company needed a high-fidelity simulator that used Honeywell’s Experion PKS control system as a front end, imitating the same experience an employee would have from the plant’s main control room. They partnered with us, a Honeywell Channel Parter, to use the Honeywell UniSim Suite for developing an advanced operator training simulator. 

How We Did It

We worked closely with the utility and Honeywell to develop a state-of-the-art model of one of the plant’s once-through boilers using dynamics within Honeywell UniSim Design plant model.  This model was coupled with the Honeywell UniSim Operations simulation environment product to provide a connection to the Experion DCS using simulated C300 controllers.

We used the same logic and operator interface as the plants existing control system. We used various starting points and simulation of hard panel switches. We also created instructor-initiated faults and malfunctions, and customer instructor training on using the simulator. This project took around one and a half to two years. 


The energy company saw accelerated operator training, a robust analysis of DCS logic, and now has a testbed for control system changes. Their unit reliability improved which gave operators experience with startups and process upsets. We reduced operator mistakes due to accurate training, reduced safety risks associated with untested control logic, and improved standard operating procedures. 

Simulators are widely used to accelerate operator training and reduce mistakes. We can help your plant benefit from a high-fidelity process simulator.